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Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

As an employer or manager you will be acutely aware of the potential loss for business or productivity through impairment by Drugs or Alcohol. This could start with simple decision making, missed deadlines or opportunities right through to injury and loss of life; and remember, an "Employer's Obligation" may at times extend beyond the workplace and working hours.

In addition to dependency and addiction problems, which are illnesses in themselves, there are the lifestyle issues attached to the taking of recreational drugs and binge drinking, which invariably extend in to and impact upon the workplace in certain circumstances.

There isn’t a "No Consequence" option to the use of Drugs and Alcohol in the work place, so the employer must protect themselves to minimise and control the risk.

Consequently we can provide a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol testing programme covering the following:-

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Testing in the workplace

Saliva screening will detect the following:-

  • Alcohol detected at 0.02% equivalent and above level at the time of testing
  • Amphetamine 50 ng detection for up to 72hrs
  • Buprenorphine 10ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 72 hr
  • Cocaine 20ng detection for up to 48hrs
  • K2 & K3 Synthetic Cannabis 25mg/ml 48 hours
  • Marijuana ( Cannabis THC ) 12ng detection for up to 14hrs
  • MDMA Ecstacy 50ng/ml 48 hours
  • Methamphetamine 50ng detection for up to 72hrs
  • Methadone 30ng/ml between 12-24hrs
  • Opiates ( including heroin ) 40ng detection for 7-21hrs
  • Oxycodone 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • PCP (Phencyclidine) 10ng/ml 12-24hrs

We offer a discreet, confidential service across Derby, Nottingham, Burton and the Midlands, so contact us today for a free quote.

Please note:-

  1. All tests are consensual and requested under the terms and conditions of employment or company ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ policy - if both are missing, we can provide the necessary paperwork to allow you to implement a workable policy and test thereafter

  2. All testing and subsequent analysis meet the legal requirements to satisfy the standards required as evidence in Employment Tribunals


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